Imerovigli Santorini

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Imerovigli stretches along the highest peak of the Caldera cliffs, with breath-taking views which consist of the Aegean Sea, the volcanic islets and other nearby islands. Located only 3 Km from Fira one Imerovigli has bee characterised as one of the most tranquillised are in the world.
It is a far quieter settlement than the capital Fira and it is considered to be the island’s ‘residential’ heaven.
Take a relaxing stroll along its white-washed stone-paved alleys amidst beautiful, traditional housing, fragrant yards blooming with colourful geraniums and blue domed chapels of outstanding Cycladic architecture. Book a romantic dinner at one of its quality restaurants and combine the local gastronomy with stunning views and pure serenity.
Due to its positioning right in the middle of the 30 Km long Caldera cliff, Imerovigli will serve as the best base for your excursions to the top beaches of the island. Another big plus is that both the capital Fira and the atmospheric settlement of Oia at the northernmost peak of the moon–shaped island of Santorini, are easily accessible.
The key location of Imerovigli also facilitates visitors to reach the most significant archaeological sites of Santorini. Head South to feast your eyes to the “open museum” of Ancient Akrotiri depicting urban life in the Minoan period. Head East to reach the Ancient settlement of Thera located upon Messa Vouno mountain and at an altitude of 385 meters above sea level which has as its epicentre the Agora main square of the prehistoric city. Head North to approach the Castle of Ayios Nikolaos in Oia where thousands of visitors hurry to, in order to reserve a good position for sunset time while free style singers praise the sun in the company of guitars.

Balcony to the Aegean

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Imerovigli is by all means the best place to stay at for yet another reason! At walking distance from Astra Suites, discover the unique spot of Skaros rock. It used to be the Venetian settlement and ex-capital of Santorini cherishing a magnificent civilization. Gorgeous sunset and a thrilling sensation.
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